Today, there is a large variety of paper lamp shades available, and the shades can be cylindrical, conical or any other form and fit desk, table, suspended or floor lamp models. Paper lamp shades come with their own shapes, while others can be fitted with shades from home decor stores. You can choose from among the wide array of shades as per your requirements and tastes.

Party Supplies are available in different sizes and shapes, and have become one of the most DIY decor ideas of late. The exotic, hand-crafted lighting items work to enhance the beauty of your home manifold. They are used extensively to light up homes, apartments and are also used as wedding decorations. It is however important that you choose something that gives the right amount of light. The Party Supplies best ones will emit just enough glow that is not very bright, but still brightens the space. The soft, subtle light is not very intense and is quite relaxing on your eyes.
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Step 1: Unravel And Cut. Start with unraveling the thread from the spool. Make sure you pull out a lot but not too much. ...
Step 2: Weave. Weave thread through. ...
Step 3: Starting To Sew. Tie a knot. ...
Step 4: Continue To Sew. Now take the sewing needle and put it back through the fabric beside the other spot you went through.
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